Saturday, December 13, 2008

Presents wrapped and busy day ahead

We got presents wrapped last night. Mom and dad took the kids. We wrapped until we were both sick of wrapping. Got all the families done, and the kids. We want everything organized before we leave for Austin on Tuesday. MIL is house sitting again, last time I was agitated when we returned hopefully this time will be smoother.

Today is busy day we go to see the ballet this morning, lunch, basketball game of Britt's, dinner, work on parade float, then watch Brae in the parade on the boy scout float. Then I want to take the kids to look at some specific lights and things and I am afraid we won't have a chance if we don't do it tonight. Also have to fit in a trip to Target and the health food store in there somewhere.

Tomorrow is going to be catch up day and house organizing cleaning before we leave day. Hubby has to be up at 2am for a computer thing at work (don't you love my technical talk about his work?" So I know he will be tired tomorrow so we will just stay home and get things accomplished...hopefully.

At least gifts are wrapped I feel better about that. Now just 103 other things to mark off the


Jody said...

We only have a couple more presents to wrap. Hubby did all the wrapping earlier :D fine by me hehe!

I hope things go more smoothly this time with your MIL house sitting.

You do have a busy day don't you? Then again you seem to always be busy LOL. I hope you get a break between all that business's

Kim said...

I haven't even considered wrapping yet. Hope you survive the day. Maybe we will see you tonight. I'm thinking of taking the kids to the parade.

stacey said...

it seems never-ending, doesn't it!

Life at the Lake said...

Wrapping - I'm jealous! I haven't even shopped for my own kids yet!! I took care of all the gifts that had to be bought and shipped or travel with us at Thanksgiving. Then I took care of Nutcracker. Now, I'll be out this week in the freezing cold trying to find the perfect gifts. I did find one "perfect" gift this week online so one down - several to go. We'll be praying while you are in Austin.

The Woman said...

hope things go well with mil housesitting