Sunday, August 10, 2008

This and that

Been feeling like I have a lot of balls in the air juggling right now so that is why posting is a little sporadic. Between getting ready for school, coop planning, girl scouts, Brae stuff, paralegal work and general life stuff it is a little crazy but I am sure it will soon settle into a routine.

I have another 5K scheduled for Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and let me run this week. I am hoping to at least finish about where I did in my first 5K. I still have quite away to work up before November. I need to be doing 7 miles by November 16.

This week we have friends in from Fort Worth. We will start school on the 18th so this is our last fun week before school starts.

Brae is still doing very well with all his new meds. His new thing is seeing how quickly he can take them. What a wonderful attitude he has and for that I am so grateful.

Started planning for the Fall home school coop that I am director of. I know the kids will love it and it seems to be coming together.

I was talking with Brae about our next trip to the doctor in September and told him it would just be him and I that sissy was staying home with dad. His response was "Great and then the next time I can stay home and sissy can take my place at the doctor I am sure he can't tell the difference"...hmmm not sure it works that way but I will say he definetly keeps me smiling.


Jody said...

LOL that boy has to keep you in stiches. What a little trooper he is!!

You sure sounds busy. My prayers are with you :)

Weber said...

He always seems to have such a wonderul outlook. What a great gift to have that spin on life.

The Woman said...

that will be the official starting date for my kids too but the school wants them to go on this friday for a half day, don't get the point, Bruce says orientation and I said so they can forget everything over the weekend