Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fingers Crossed

We have been battling our insurance company. Last year we went through the appeal process and won and had Brae's speech paid for 2007. Well 2008 we lost 2 appeals and were battling what we felt was totally uphill. We had to unfortunately drop Brae to once a week because paying entirely by cash from January 2008 to present was so hard so about a month ago we went to once a week.

We have not been laying down we have been fighting and not taking no for an answer. Hubby gets a call yesterday the entire year is being reprocessed it will be paid and that the corporate offices have changed the wording of the policies so it will not happen again. So he said it will be paid back to January of this year and from here on out. We feel confident that this guy would not have told us had he not been certain as he knows how specific we are on our record keeping and how we have called him and others out before on telling us things. So hopefully in a few weeks I will have a huge credit at the speech place and not have to pay copays for a long long time and he can go back to going two days a week as he needs! Just have to keep going even after they tell you no.


Jennifer said...

Wow! Glad to hear this is working out. Insurance is such a blessing when it works, but sooo frustrating when it doesn't!

Love the pencil cake! Too cute. I may be heading toward gluten free before too long, so I may be asking for advice.

Co-op is looking great. The webpage is *such* a great's so nice to be able to see it all laid out that way. You guys are doing a great job!! Thanks for all your work!!!!

Life at the Lake said...

Oh, what a blessing Kelli! I am so glad it is working out. I love the pencil cake and can't wait until the Renew you are "teaching".

Jody said...

So glad things are working out. My prayers are with you that they will stay that way :).

stacey said...

wonderful news that you have worked very hard to earn! you are a great example that you really do have to just keep fighting one more time than they say no.

The Woman said...

bout time they started paying for it. Glad for you