Thursday, August 28, 2008

Laptop and stuff

I am so blessed that my husband is so understanding. Tonight I was bringing my laptop into the living room and set it on the end table turned around and boom laptop fell. I got it picked up and situated the laptop and the screen was fried. Hubby immediately took it to the store to have them look at it. It would have cost over 600 to fix well it is about 6 years old so definitely not worth that and it has been messing up and we knew a new one was going to be needed but just couldn't do it now. As hubby said everything worked and fell together we were able to get something that will hold me over great without being out right now. It was a great blessing. So now I am typing on my laptop. Going to take some getting used to. I felt awful about dropping my laptop it made me sick at my stomach but it has worked out. Now I have to add everything and organize it all.

As an update on Brae I am no longer going to brag on how well he is doing as the next day after I had posted that we had a bad episode. But since then he has done okay, I am saying okay instead of great. Don't want to jinx us

Britt is so looking forward to her daddy time next week while Brae and I are gone to Texas she has been making lists and planning.


Jody said...

So glad you got things worked out about the Laptop and all (((HUGS))). Glad you have an understanding hubby too.

Sorry about Brae having an "episode" after posting how well he was doing ((HUGS)).

The Woman said...

oh no on the laptop.