Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Apparently we are on the go too much

We spent the whole day home today. Yesterday too. It was so nice not to go anywhere. This evening Brae says "Mom I think we set a new record". I was like what record. He said "We haven't ran anywhere in two days I think that is a record".

Unfortunately the record must hold at two days as tomorrow we must go get groceries and run a few errands. We miss hubby terrible why is away on business but it has been nice. We have kind of gotten in the groove of school again and then I cut back my work and things since he was going to be out of town so that enabled us to stay home more too. Yesterday we did school, crafts, baked, played games it was so nice. Today was pretty much the same.

School went best today for Brae. I had to revamp some of the things with the lessons I had planned for him but we will get there. I just cant overload him or he just shuts down. Britt is doing really well and absolutely loves her new math program which is such a relief because math is really the only area she didn't like.

We even broke the rule and did school in our pajamas today which I rarely let them do. I will be longing for these two days in the upcoming weeks which are going to be so hectic. Maybe later in the Fall we can go for staying at home 3 days in a's a dream anyway!


Jody said...

You know I often wonder myself why they call it Stay at home mom or Homeschooling when we are hardly home? I think we need to make up a new word for those things LOL.

We actually made it so far this week without going any where (well except Church, Laundromat and we have to go grocery shopping) but that's it. That is a rarity around here.

The Woman said...

I don't like to go as much as I once did I'm quite happy not having to go anywhere that when I have to it gripes me lol