Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

I think I am excited about starting back to school today as the kids are. Let me rephrase that "I am as excited as Britt is"...Brae still needs some convincing that school is a good

I got up this morning and went for a run. I feel better than I did after the race on Saturday. I was just frustrated with myself because I had still been going out in the mornings but I knew I wasn't working as hard as I had for the first 5k. I did good this morning and will continue to work back up. On Saturday I had thought about changing my race for November to the 5K instead of the quarter marathon but I am keeping it the way it is. I will just be sure I am ready for the quarter marathon. I have another 5k before that.

I have chocolate chip muffins (gluten free of course!) baking in the oven. House is picked up and now I am awaiting children to wake up. It is 6:30 so I know they will be awaking soon. I just typed that and now I hear Britt up. Just like if we were in public school I went and got them a new outfit for the first day. Britt was super excited about that. Well it was Brae up not Britt. He is getting dressed and around so maybe he will be good to go for the day. We are implementing a lot of suggestions from an Aspergers book on homeschooling as well as our new doctors suggestions so we shall see how it goes.


stacey said...

i hope you all have a wonderful first day!

and those muffins sound yummy!

Weber said...

How exciting! We usually start back the first week of September. I got some new science stuff this year though and the boys don't want to wait to start!
I love the new outfit idea. :)

How did the muffins turn out? Send me the recipe. :)

Life at the Lake said...

Happy 1st day of school! It's our first day too. It's good to get on a schedule of sorts. Now, if I could just add a run in the mornings like you!!

Jody said...

Hope you have a great first day. I love the first day too :). You can do the Marathon I know you can :).

So wish I could smell the muffins from my computer hehe. I bet they were great!!

Kim L said...

The most I could muster was piggie pancakes warmed in the microwave! We almost made it w/out tears, so it was a success! At least I know I'm not alone!