Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School, medical and shoes...all in one post

We are almost mid week in our second week of school. So far so good. A few teary eyes but no real tears so I count that as a success. Britt is doing exceptional and is really liking her new math which is such a relief for me since that is really our only trouble subject with her. We started her on Teaching Textbooks this year, kinda pricey but it is easily reusable and resalable if I decide to. We are loving Story of the World and our Apologia Botany. I think those two are my favorites. Brae is doing really good too. His reading this year is a new program I had found at the convention called Scaredy Cat reading so far so good with it as well. He is doing better and we are making sure he knows how much better he is doing and I am really seeing a rise in his confidence.

Medically I think Brae is doing better than he has in a long time. Seizures are very few and far between now. Only one noted last week, it was a petite mal and I was used to seeing 15-20 a day so only one noted in a week is a great praise. I still have in the back of my mind the test results we will get next week but I am trying not to dwell or worry too much. For the most part his speech is improving, his energy level is through the roof. At times I am like wow he is getting onery but I don't care because for so many years he wasn't typical so I will take an onery 9 year old..LOL. He will tell people they should be on gluten free diet because it is so great. His exact words are "Mom makes good food, good cookies, and no more headaches and stomach aches". So blessed that he went so easy with that transition. Him and I will travel to Austin on Monday of next week and if all goes as planned be back late on Thursday night. Of course he was disappointed to know that school stuff was so portable that I was taking it with us! Hubby will stay home and Britt will stay with him this trip.

Tried out my new running shoes this morning, gotta get them broke in but I think they will be good ones. I bought Mizuno's. I went to the running store, did the size chart foot shape all that got the size I needed then shopped on ebay till I found my size new in box for way less than I would have paid in the store. I realize I totally sunk myself in the Tulsa race a few weekends ago by my attitude. I had it in my head going in I wasn't going to do well and I didn't. I think back and that first 5K where I did fairly well was such a harder race than this one but I just had myself psyched out that I was going to do poorly. I have worked myself back up and I am adding to it. I have one more 5K in September and then the 1/4 marathon in November. I have talked myself out of switching from the 1/4 to just doing a 5K a million times but I am going to keep it as is and work up.

Well that gets everyone caught up on school, Brae's medical and my running and a post if thrown up so I don't feel guilty for not posting..lol.


zoeygirl@blogspot.com said...

Glad Brae is doing much better

Heather/SHTEZQ said...

hey there lady it has been a long time since i stoped by i am sooooo glad Brae is doing better.

The Woman said...

kaylie has trouble with math too, hoping she does better this year as well. Great that braden is doing so much better.

Weber said...

Sounds like things are going really well. How wonderful for all of you! :)

stacey said...

what a relief that he is adjusting to the new cooking! must be good!