Monday, August 04, 2008

Lots of trial things

Been working out the gluten free cooking. Who thought it would be so different from just cooking? It is. Harder to make it right or at least it is to me at this time. One pizza crust ended in the trash yesterday before it even made it to the oven the second one was good (I don't want to admit that hubby made the second one).
I am loving my new bread maker it even has a gluten free cycle on it. I don't like the bread I made but everyone else in the house does so I guess that is what counts. The bread maker even has a jam cycle on it. My dad had brought over blackberries yesterday so I made blackberry jam last night going to try it out this morning.
I ordered the flour that a friend suggested but haven't gotten it in yet. So far using a lot of mixes. Reading lots and lots of books and trying things some not so great but I am hoping it gets better.


The Woman said...

oh i'm sure you will have it mastered in no time.

Jody said...

You are doing all you can and that's what counts :). Like The woman say's you will have it mastered in no time :).

Weber said...

Gluten free cooking is a REAL challenge! I have learned to do a lot of tinkering with the recipes. Some are GREAT and I put them, with my changes, in my YES WE WILL EAT THIS AGAIN book. I have many, many GF things end up in the trash as well though. :( Always keep trying!