Thursday, May 01, 2008

I am sure partying is planned..LOL

Kids and Matt are on their own tomorrow and Saturday. Matt brought in several bags of chips for snacks....I just cringe at the thought of all the junk they will consume, but oh well I am sure they will have lots of fun with daddy time.

I am on my way to the Oklahoma Homeschool Convention. Just me and another mom. We also plan to hit up a Target, you know that is a have too since we don't have one here.

I am wanting to check out lots of different curriculium and make some decisions for next year. It will be nice to have girl time. Also planning on seeing the new movie "Maid of Honor" since we are pretty sure our husbands won't object to missing that one..LOL.


Jody said...

It's daddy time so junk food is a must right?! LOL. I hope you have a good time!!

dakotablueeyes said...

Have fun, let me know how that movie is, it looks good

Jennifer said...

Ooo, Kelli...sounds like great fun, both for you and those you are leaving at home! ;-) Hope the convention is wonderful...I'm jealous!!

Middle_America said...

Not too much "junk food" was consumed. The kids out lasted me. I headed to bed around midnight.

I put a small tent in the living room and they slept in it. I had a blast with them. : )