Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day at home and curriculium purchased!

I keep thinking okay after this things will slow down. Nope just something else time consuming takes it's place. Ugh. Oh well. Good news is today is a stay home day. These are few and far between so we will enjoy it to the fullest. We are going to do some fun school stuff in regards to Oklahoma History, and the kids are wanting to bake something other than those things and cleaning house not much planned. I am sure we will bike ride as that has become a daily thing.

On the home school front I now have all my curriculium for next year. I have never changed things up so much or used from so many different sources but I think both the kids and I will enjoy it. For those that don't home school you don't know the relief of finally having curriculium picked and bought. For both kids we are doing Science Apologia this year is Botany, Story of the World for History, Reason for Spelling and Cursive Connections for handwriting. Britt is using Teaching Textbooks for Math, Abeka for English, Abeka for Reading, Write on Target for Creative Writing, and an art that I know what I want just haven't went back and got it yet. Brae is using Horizons math, Language Practice for English, Write a Story for Creative Writing, and the Scardy Car Program for Reading. Also with Britt doing Rosetta stone for Spanish. Brae will continue to work on his speech excercises as well so it looks like she has a lot more than him but really it evens out. Of course Britt would do 10 more classes if I let her, Brae on the other hand would do nothing if I would let him, those two are night and day!

I am off to get the house cleaning done and enjoy the day.


dakotablueeyes said...

oh you just reminded me I need to work speech for Keith in three times a week over the summer. He will be going to the school twice a week for it though so maybe I will do one day a week at home

Jody said...

This next year I have a lot of different things too. I don't think I've had this much stuff before either. Both Chord and Jarod are doing Horizon Math too. I know what a relief it is to have it all done LOL. I usually get the boy's stuff when we get our taxes back. So I start looking for the next years curriculum almost at the time we start our new year LOL.