Monday, May 26, 2008


We didn't do a lot of activities this weekend but it was a nice weekend. Hubby was on call this weekend.

Saturday we had a cookout at our house, MIL was a no show and kind of ticked hubby off but I think he is starting to just ignore her which is good, because it makes me furious when she upsets him and I don't let go of things quite as I should sometimes.

Sunday was church and grabbing some food on the way home.

We have basically just had family time which is nice. We all four got to ride our bikes together yesterday. Brae was so cute, he can't start on his own going uphill yet but he can going down so he says "you guys start and I will be right there" so he turns his bike opposite ours and starts downhill then turns and goes uphill with the rest of us. It is cute he is doing so good. He had to show off his skills to Nana and Papa on Saturday as well.

Busy preparing and researching for our trip to Austin with the new doctors. Learning all I can about the world of aspergers autism. I was disappointed that the closest awareness walk to us is about 3 hours away this year. Hmmm may have to work on that next year, because we all know I need more to do..LOL. But I do see a need for more support functions etc for autism in the area. Toys R Us definetly has my business as they are such a huge supporter of autism as is Nascar. I am thankful Braden is so extremely high functioning but the more I learn the more I see that he deals with somethings that he doesn't express.

Well this Memorial Day has us getting some rain. Hubby and I went out to walk a mile and he wimped out on me after one lap, he did rejoin me on the third lap but it gives me something to tease him about. The rest of the day will includes games and being together sounds like a great day to me.


dakotablueeyes said...

Yesterday I walked a little over two miles close to three maybe. Took my parents to that walking trail it was nice.

Jody said...

glad you had a relaxing weekend. We did too. Sounds like it was fun!!