Monday, May 12, 2008

At this point I just shake my head

Britt and Brae were having a tiff over the fact that Britt wanted Brae to play with her, she had set stuff up etc. Brae didn't want to. I went over my sister and brother forever blah blah speech and that he could play for 30 minutes his response:

"Mom if we are going to be together forever what does it hurt to put off this playing for 30 minutes it sounds like we are going to have lots of time later".

That boy, I tell you if I just had a video camera on him and uploaded the videos several times a day he could keep everyone giggling. His expression was just priceless.

I told him play he still had to play and the response to that: "not fair since we have to be around each other forever, we will need stuff to do later".

I am telling you so far I have no gray hair but it can't be far away with that boy and his answers for everything.


Weber said...

LOL! He cracks me up. It's neat that you post some of the stuff he says so you can remember it forever. It's always so funny when they say stuff like that and...they're right! Hee-hee.

Jody said...

LOL that is just too funny. He really can think on his feet can't he?! Don't think you will have to worry about grey hair as much as you will for laugh lines LOL!!

dakotablueeyes said...

lmao that's logic for ya now isn't it.