Thursday, May 08, 2008

Determined to catch up.

Silly as it may seem I have still not completely caught up from being gone two weeks. Yesterday I was like things have gotten out of my control (work, house, etc). So starting this morning getting it all back together. New chore charts are listed, I got up early going to put an hour or so into work. I have got to get back where I feel in control at least somewhat of things. Ugh vacation was wonderful but it seems we are running crazy since.

It doesn't help that there are things going on every single weekend in May. Lots of stuff not on weekends as well.

Next weekend I will be Those that know me well know camping is SO NOT my thing. It's for girl scouts and since I am a co leader I sorta have to be there...eek. Brae on the other hand is looking forward to me and his sister going camping. He said "Dad and I are going to party!"...I was joking around and I said "No you are just going to sit around and miss me"...He said "I can miss you while I am playing video games"..that boy!


dakotablueeyes said...

lol camping is fun

Weber said...

We are dying to go camping but we keep having BAD thunderstorms every weekend!
I loved Braden's comment. Too funny!!

Jody said...

You need a vacation from your vacation I think LOL.

I am not really a camping person either so I feel for you LOL.

LOL Braden is just too funny. He should become a comedian LOL. He always has something funny to say!! LOL.

Shane said...

Camping? Eeeeek! The things we do for our kids. Can't wait to hear how it goes. :0