Friday, May 30, 2008


It has actually been awhile since I had a post with that title. But it has hit me tonight. Which actually maybe okay as it will allow me to get some stuff done.

The kids have spent sometime with my mom this week as she has been off work all week. I had lots of plans on getting things done but of course I didn't get to half of it.

Tuesday night we went to the rodeo I haven't been in years. Little known fact about me is I barrel raced in high school. I so enjoyed watching it after all these years brought back the memories of our first year moving here and my grandpa setting up the barrels and teaching me. I didn't stick with it but it was fun and some very nice memories. Braden wasn't crazy about the rodeo, Britt however absoluetly loved it.

Last night the kids got in the pool for the first time. I stuck it out for a little bit but it was still pretty chilly for me.

Camping is on the agenda again for this weekend. This time I am not quite as bad dreading it as hubby will be there. So I am thinking I wont dislike this time quite as bad as last time...or at least I am hoping that I wont.

Now I better put this insomnia to good use and get somethings accomplished.


Jody said...

Ugh sorry abou the insomnia. I hope you get things you need to get done though...I hope you have a decent time camping this time with your hubby going LOL.