Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maybe I should have planned the timing better

I have been back home a week still playing catch up on work, home school, etc add to that getting ready to go out of town Friday and Saturday and it is a busy week.

Well Brae's birthday is Monday and he wants a new bedroom. A "hangout room" in his words, because we all know how many people we have over to hangout in the soon to be 9 year old boys room, but oh well that is what he wanted so I made a plan to totally redo his room this week.

Problem is his room was a dark green color and one wall was covered in camo wallpaper (which covered the first bedroom theme the animal mural that I painstakingly painted upon our move into this house). Anyway turning out to be a lot more work than I thought. Of course I couldn't find the right color large floor pillows I wanted so I am sewing them, not a huge project but just another added. Thankfully thankfully my wonderful hubby has been doing the majority of the painting and is almost done. Then I will have to get the new bookshelf in there and put the new accents (all Tony Stewart stuff), new comforters and the big birthday present (shh...he is getting a tv...he has been asking and we have been saying well not right now)..I know he is going to love it all. He only thinks we are painting in there. He has no clue the plan to change the theme. He had asked and I told him I would try to make it more of a hang out room but didn't know if I could change the army theme. So it should be a big surprise when he walks in in Monday morning.

So it should all be worth it when he loves it but right now it is making my week even nuttier and I keep thinking ugh I should not have taken this on.


dakotablueeyes said...

how are you keeping him out of the room

kel said...

I just told him he couldn't go in until Monday morning, he is good on things like that.

kel said...

oh also what helps is he knows paint fumes are bad for him so he thinks it is because of that.

Jody said...

LOL too cool. I bet he will love it!! We as mother's and homeschool moms I think (well even non-homeschool moms lol)we always tend to add more things on then we should. Why? I have no idea but it seems like we do LOL.