Saturday, May 17, 2008

Made it

I camped for two nights. I made it through but I am so not going back.

Actually it wasn't that bad just really not my thing.

Britt had a blast as did the other girls. I had fun visiting with the other moms and canoing. I was glad to get home shower and take a nap.

Hubby is taking the kids to see Narnia and I plan to curl up and read a book and be glad I am not camping out tonight.


Middle_America said...

Glad to have you two girls home. : )

Weber said...

Glad you made it! I knew you could do it. Enjoy your evening at home. :)

dakotablueeyes said...

They are going to turn you into an outdoor girl yet. lol

Jody said...

Glad it went all right for you LOL. You are a brave mom LOL!! Welcome home!!