Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trying to work up enthusiasm. *update

Trying to get excited about camping but lets see bugs, mud, hot sticky air, tents, enthusiasim is hard to come by for this girl. I may live outside the city but I am a definiety city girl. I have always dreaded camping even in an RV so not my thing. But who can resist a little girl who is counting on her mom leading her girl scout troop. Definitly not me. So this afternoon I will load the vehicle down with everything on the list. Also the contraband ice chest...I usually only drink water but I am thinking this camping trip calls for something a little stronger so I am statshing a seperate ice chest with Dr. Pepper and chocolate.

Hopefully you will hear from me Saturday evening...we shall see if I survive 2 nights camping. Britt is chomping at the bit excited me I am chomping at the bit to get it over. Awww the things we do for our kids.

* about an hour before we leave my family is making fun of me for painting my fingernails and toenails. Hubby also couldn't believe I was taking makeup...if nothing else this should be an interesting trip.


Weber said...

LOL! You'll do great! Have fun. Eat lots of chocolate. ;)

With 3 boys, I think we live outside more than inside!!

dakotablueeyes said...

well you gotta look good for those bugs, and hey free mud mask lol. Hope you have a good time even though you don't like to do this stuff its all about spending time with the girl and making memories

Jody said...

LOL I don't like camping much either LOL. Hehe about painting your fingernails and toe nails and packing make-up LOL. I hope you manage to have some kind of fun LOL.