Tuesday, April 08, 2008


We leave tomorrow. We are going to be hard pressed not to wake up and head out at 2 am we are all so excited. I told hubby if my insomnia kicks in everyone else can get in the car and sleep and I can drive!

Have the check list going. Went over stuff with MIL who will be house sitting (that may be a whole other post when I return, but hopefully it will all go smoothly there are specific reasons we are allowing it and I hope it goes okay). The suitcases are ready to be put in this evening. Going today to the errands pharmacy, banking, important things like pedicure..lol.

Tomorrow we will drive the day away stopping in Albany, GA for the night. After that it is on to the Nick Resort, Saturday we get on the Disney Cruise Ship for 7 days, back to Florida to dock and going to the space center then we will begin our way back home. I haven't decided if I am too cheap to do internet on the ship or not, may do some and post a few pics here and there. If I don't then I know the first night after we are back in port and out of the space center we will post post post.

Braden said "I love you mom and I love your plans but I am ready to do the plans instead of planning more"...LOL that is so true I am ready too!


Middle_America said...

As of now, 14 hours, 54 minutes to go.

dakotablueeyes said...

wow hopefully your mil won't do what mine did and rearrange your house lol Can I come hide in a suitcase lol

Weber said...

Have fun! You will be driving through my neck of the woods on your way there!
Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Jody said...

Yeah have a great time and LOL too funny with what Brea said hehe!!

BarnGoddess said...

wow! I am excited for you!!!!!!

I hoep you have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to the posts