Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Drive to Florida and my thoughts on the Nickelodeon resort

I have to say the ride to Florida was a lot of fun. Hubby had made Cd's with a lot of 80's and early 90's songs. Hubby kept laughing at me as I recalled my friends and I calling in certain songs to boys to a radio request line. Britt kept saying "Mom you do know this song makes no sense (songs like Walk Like an Egyptian, etc)". Brae liked bugging his sister by singing those songs and quickly learning the dance moves. It was a fun way to pass the time. The kids and I decided my taste in songs was better than their dads!

We drove really hard the first day and then the next day only had a few hours to go. We had to make a detour and go through Atlanta to pick up a part from the Sony store for our camera. Never have to worry about us wanting to go to Atlanta I still think Austin is the worse traffic city but eek Atlanta was a close close second it was not a favorite stop of ours.

I know that flying would get us places faster but I really do think I prefer the car trips. The kids are both very good travelers and I love hearing them being imaginative in the back seat.

Our first two nights of vacation were spent in Orlando at the Nickelodeon resort. I had read a lot of mixed reviews and I have to say I to am mixed on what I thought of it. Yes it was fun, but it was also over priced and over hyped. The water park was great fun, the other activities did not seem to be as well organized, staff was not helpful (a sharp contrast to the wonderfulness of Disney staff that was even more apparent as the trip went on. The kids loved it, Matt and I enjoyed our time there but I don't know that we would necessarily do it again especially at the rates (and we received a good deal and paid less than many others we spoke too and I still feel we overpaid).


Weber said...

We lived in Atlanta for 6 years. :) It grows on you. I do have to say the laid back life of Chattanooga that we are living now is nice but Atlanta is 2 hours away and we still go there quite a bit. SO much to do there!
Glad you are back. I may have lots of questions to ask about your trip. :)


kel said...

Ask away. I thought about you guys because there was a gluten free option.

dakotablueeyes said...

In most cases you pay for the name of stuff which is stupid too but that's what sells apparently

stacey said...

i have loved getting all the sneak peeks of your trip and am looking forward to all the stories!

Jody said...

Sorry you overpaid isn't that the way it is any where you go anyway? LOL. Glad you all had a good time too!!