Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Allergic to pampering???

I am not a really big pamper myself girl, however in preparation for this trip I have done a few things.

First off is tanning. That didn't go well 3 minutes and I was burnt to a crisp, and not just once it didn't help when I went back no it happened again and again.

Today I had a manicure and pedicure appointment. Manicure went good, then I put my feet in the whirlpool thing and she added some kind of lotion soap, well I was sitting there thinking wow I wonder if I have a bite or something on my ankle it is stinging. She took my feet out and I noticed my right ankle was really swollen, she was starting to paint my toenails and then my left foot started tingling. It was just a few minutes from my house by the time I got home I had broke out in a rash my arms and head were itching my ankles and feet were swollen. I downed some Benedryl and hubby was preparing for an ER trip but the Benedryl got into my system and I started feeling better. Don't have a clue what I was allergic too.

So I am thinking my pampering is jinxed, or I am allergic too it. I have a massage booked on the cruise ship but not so sure I should keep the appointment with the way my luck is going..LOL


stacey said...

better pack that arbonne lotion for the massage!! probably no worries, a lot of massage people use more natural oils.

have a blast!

Jody said...

Oh no poor you!! I hope you are not toally allergic to being pampered LOL. I don't pamper myself much either but once in a great while it's a must LOL.

dakotablueeyes said...

Oh no, maybe take the allergy meds with you