Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The cruise

I cannot say enough what a good time we had. I defintely think the cruise is most assuredly worth the money paid for it. I learned several things in planning and packing for the cruise. One thing I had heard several times was that it was cheaper to go directly through Disney rather than a travel agency. I found that to be untrue in comparing with others we received the best deal using the Your Magical Journeys agency and it is a free agency. With that said we will definiety be doing this again.

We cruised on the Disney Magic. It is apparently going into dry dock in September to get totally redone. I heard several comments about it looking worn, etc I thought it was all very nice and I can just imagine how beautiful it will be after September.

We arrived at the terminal early as we had heard this was the best way to get the most out of the vacation. We were allowed on the boat at around noon. The kids thought it was so neat the way they announce you. We ate lunch on the ship and were able to get in our room about 1:30, our luggage arrived about 2:30 this gave us some time to get things organized before the sail away party at 4:00.

We used the childrens Bonine for the kids it is chewable and worked well. Matt and I had gotten prescription patches, none of us really had any problems.

The food was amazing. So much of it too. There was a midnight dessert buffet with flowing fountains of white and dark chocolate...yum.

We visited 3 ports of call St. Marteen, St. Thomas and Disney's island Castaway Cay.

One thing Brae chose to do was called a sky jump. He did this at the island of St. Thomas.

Here is just a snap shot of the cruise ship we took it from the mountain top where Brae did his jumping.


dakotablueeyes said...

go braden, show no fear

Weber said...

Our mall has one of those. My boys LOVE it. Did Braden have fun?

Gluten free option????? PLEASE, tell me more!!! We may actually be able to cruise!


kel said...

Kelly, that is one of the first things they ask is about allergies, etc and there was a table two tables away that I heard was gluten free, I don't know exactly what they changed up but there are so many food options anyway. The chef will even come out and personally talk to you.