Saturday, April 26, 2008


The first year we moved in this house we went crazy planting flowers. After that first Summer however we basically haven't been home, Brae has had several procedures around the beginning of summer, we spent 5 weeks one Summer in Arizona so on and so forth so basically mowing and the greenery trimmed has been as good as it gets for the yard the last several summers.

This summer I am throwing caution to the wind and planting flowers. Not just a few either 3 flats so far. I want flowers, I need them. Hubby and I have been working all morning they look so pretty. May not have been the smartest move since it too looks like this summer we may end up spending some time away from home so that Brae can receive some special care but oh well it will still be worth it. Reminds me of the first year we moved in here so excited about having a house. It was also nice to work side by side with hubby all morning. So we have flowers, we are still up in the air if we will be away a good chunk of the summer or not but for right now we have flowers and they are so pretty.

Now I am thinking of doing nothing else the rest of the day...ugh except that won't work because I have a certain boy who is turning 9 in about a week who wants his room redone so wall paper stripping is next. eek.


dakotablueeyes said...

What did you plant? I did all seeds, but my daffys came up and bloomed, the tulips just bloomed, the glads not sure if they will come up or not,that is something you are supposed to dig up for winter and I didn't, my iris are coming back though so can't wait til they bloom.

kel said...

I did some vinca's and two other flowers, 3 flats of them. Now I am doing my herb garden (all in the name of eating healthier!)