Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tidbits of this and that

Okay not anything major to post and just a few little things that really don't need there own post so here goes, bullet style:

* We leave early Wednesday morning, we have been planning for so long it seems amazing that it is finally here. A real vacation, not a doctors appointment in another state that we make as fun as we can, nope a real vacation no cell phones!

* MIL is housesitting for us, due to some issues of where she is currently staying with BIL and SIL, not sure how I feel about this one, and I am hopeful it goes okay, I think hubby and I have thought of most potential issues and came up with people to watch, do stuff, etc in regards to those.

* Today and tomorrow I am working retail. Yikes it has been years and years since I have done that (college). My friend is assistant manager at a store that is having a big sale and they have extra people to come in during the big sales. I figured it was extra money right before vacation.

* Kids spent that night at Nana and Papa's last night so hubby and I got some unwind time.

* Brae cracked me up the other night but there is no way to tell the story in such a way to convey the funninest that is Brae. He walked into our bedroom and he had a nail buffer thing. He says "mom can I use this on my feet". I was like why. He said "Mom they are getting rough like you know when you get old"...just his expression and mannerism was so funny, just can't convey. I talked him into some lotion and putting socks on. It was just funny that his dry feet were such a concern to him and the getting old part the way he said it.

* The to do lists for today and the next 3 are in place, and then we are outta here.


dakotablueeyes said...

wow brave, last time mil housesat for us she rearranged my dang furniture

Jody said...

I hope you have a wonderful Vacation!! You deserve it!

LOL about the dry feet comment! I am just thinking if one of my boy's would say something like that LOL. I could just see the look on their faces LOL. Too cute!

stacey said...

have a FABULOUS trip!!