Thursday, April 10, 2008

In Orlando

We made it to Orlando.

Bad news from home lots of storm damage. Our house is fine as hubby checked in with his mother who is staying at the house. Unfortunately one of the wonderful families in our homeschool group lost their home, they have 6 children.
Other than feeling very bad for the awful storms at home the trip is going well.

We did some shopping in downtown disney today. We checked into the Nickelodeon resort, we played at the waterpark and ordered pizza for dinner. The kids got slimed here at the nick hotel which they LOVED, we took pics with a disposable water camera so don't have those pics yet, did take some pics with the digital but haven't even messed with getting them off the camera yet. We are all tired after driving, then sun and fun.


Rofkahr Party of 4 said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time. Yes, the Hinkles home was damaged severly. It was definetly a storm to remember. I'm glad all is safe with your home back here. Enjoy your trip!

Jody said...

Wow sorry to hear about the family who lost their home. I know what that is like. We didn't have a storm but we had a fire in our apt complex in 2004 so I know how that feels. I am glad you are all safe and all is well with you though!