Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tooth Fairy Forgot!

snif snif...."Mommy the tooth fairy forgot me"...snif snif....

Oh no...I had worked so much Friday and was exhausted I remembered laying the kids down in her bed and leaving $3.00 on the table so that Matt could put it under the pillow after they fell asleep. I knew I would be out fast. I remember Matt telling me "dont worry I got it"...well guess what, he forgot.

Luckily, we were dog sitting for my mom and dad this weekend so Brittney had her dog and their dog in her bed. So quick thinking I took her into the kitchen and was like look the tooth fairy left the money on the table. She must have been scared of the dog, and luckily Brittney had left a note on the envelope asking for the tooth fairy to let her keep her tooth. So with a little fancy explaining Brittney got all excited about her $3.00 and the fact that the tooth fairy is scared of dogs...whew that was a close one.

I know soon enough she wont believe in tooth fairy, easter bunny and probably even santa...but I want to hold off as long as possible and let her believe in the little magics.

Hubby got a dirty look from me and a few words about forgetting to put the money under the pillow....I dont think we will forget again.

Now Braden has his first loose tooth and he is looking forward to the tooth fairy too....and mommy and daddy will make sure that the tooth fairy visits.