Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tooth Fairy Part Two

As I posted before my husband had forgot to put the money under my daughters pillow and she woke up in tears.

Well...Yesterday my son lost his first tooth. Which makes me feel all kinds of things because my kids are growing up too fast. Anyway, he lost his tooth so I put it in an envelope with a nice letter to the tooth fairy to please leave the tooth so that I could put it in his scrapbook. My kids are amazed that the tooth fairy will read my notes and leave the teeth for me to save. They think mom is so cool for

I fall asleep much faster than anyone else especially since being here in Arizona in the hotel. Well last night I told hubby this is your chance to redeem yourself I put the $3.00 folded up in the side of my purse and he was going to put it under Braden's pillow. I said dont forget...I was met with "I wont forget" and "I know I know" when being off to sleep I went.

I wake up to "Mommy the tooth fairy forgot me"...AHHH NOT AGAIN...I gave my hubby a punch in the side and got up to weave my tale of getting up and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and seeing money laying on the island. I then went on about since it was a fold out couch I bet the tooth fairy couldnt get over there very good and that is why the tooth fairy left the money on the counter. I moved my purse (while slipping the money out of the side pocket without being seen) and was like here it is I knew I saw it when I got up last night.

So that appeased them and they are happy and still believing in the tooth fairy and my husband is so fired...I will either have to stay up or get up in the middle of the night from now on.

On another note regarding the tooth fairy I think $3.00 is VERY good for the tooth fairy but my daughter says we have a cheap tooth fairy. After asking other parents it looks like the prices range from $1.00 clear up to $45.00....I was like $45 for a tooth no way. So the tooth fairy did make the visit last night and my son is happy and so cute with his first missing tooth.


M said...

A great blog. I have a beautiful 12 year old son who is my whole life. Loved reading your words.

Check out my blog.

Keep on blogging.

Mark Fremantle Australia,

Nixon Casablanca said...

Until the tooth fairies are allowed to unionize, teeth rates are going to vary like that. Perhaps you can use this to a psychological advantage, such as: "The tooth fairy said your tooth hadn't been brushed enough, so he had to knock off some of the price."

I'm still debating the whole fairy/Santa thing for my own kids. My mom told me the stories, but never claimed they were true. In fact, the only memorable "lie" my mother told me was when I first learned to swim, and she said "I won't drop you." Never believe that one!

I'm not saying it's wrong, I just dread the eventual conversation during which I reveal that I've been deceiving them their entire lives, then ask them to trust me when I tell them drugs are bad, and to wait until marriage to have sex.

kel said...

I really like the comment about using it as they havent brushed enough or so on. Since that is a continual battle.
I see your point on the Santa/toothfairy thing.