Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Playstation mania spreads

My hubby is a playstation addict, and both my kids love it. Me I dont see the point or the attraction. They can have a blast jumping around while they are playing, I like watching them but am not one to get involved in a game.

I am going to blame it on boredom of being in Arizona for the 4th week....but now I am so hooked.

It started out innocent I swear I was just trying to open up some multiplayer games for the kids. See they got Frogger adventure so they could play together but the multiplayer games have to be opened by playing the 1 player storyboard. So I had to help them out. Of course I have no idea how many multiplayer games have opened up because I am too addicted to playing the game to stop and check.

I never thought I would get caught up in it but I am. I doubt it will last once we get back home but for now I am having fun telling my kids "in a minute" and "let me get through this level".


dakotablueeyes said...

Lol That is so funny! In a minute!!!! lol I have to say we have a nintendo and we never play it. Its in the closet lol We have gotten those games that just plug into the tv set and I get hooked on one of them and end up telling Kaylie to wait a minute I just wanna see how many points I can get.