Friday, May 06, 2005

Leaving for Arizona

We leave out for Arizona this morning. We will be gone almost 6 weeks for Braden to do the treatment at the wellness center. Last night we met our friends at Chuckee Cheese, you would have thought we were going off to fight in the war the way the water works started with us all when we were saying goodbye. I had swore I would be fine, but I started getting teary eyed when I hugged the kids bye then the moms I really started in and so did they.

The van is packed and ready. I had to make a few adjustments. My hubby...oh how I love him...but oh how he doesnt know how to pack. Things can be laying around the house 8 months wihtout being used but hey we might need this in the 6 weeks we are in Arizona. In looking in one of his bags I find the 3 hole punch, I am like why are you packing this. His response was I thought we might need it......well if for some reason we need a 3 hole punch I guess I will be running to Target or WalMart because it stayed at home, along with a few other of his "we might need items".