Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sneakin it in...

The most difficult part of having a 4 wall hotel room for 5 weeks in Arizona. Kids are in the foldout couch directly in front of our if they arent really good and asleep then there is no speacial "Mommy and Daddy time".

It is pretty bad. They seem to stay up late (I am not a night owl so I am usually crashing before or right when they do), they get up early (I am a morning person so love to sneak in that "Mommy and Daddy time" then.

This morning we did sneak in a little time for "Daddy"...HAHA. Just no fun for "Mommy".

I am determined to out last them soon and stay up late. That worked one night last week. I am not used to this I am used to putting them in their beds they watch a movie and fall out and we get our "Mommy and Daddy time". So if I am crankier than usual this will be my excuse...I am not getting near enough lovin time!