Thursday, May 19, 2005

A cool find here in Arizona

Last time we were in Arizona we went to the Pheonix Zoo and we were not that impressed. It was priced high and just wasn't that great to us. Well this trip I had been searching the internet for fun inexpensive things to do and I found a site for a zoo about 30 minutes away that was called the World Wildlife Zoo. It was reasonable gate entry and free parking. I wasn't expecting much but I took the kids today.

It was the neatest Zoo I have been too. I was so impressed. The kids and I got there it wasn't crowded. They had the standard carousel and the kids did that first off. Then we headed to the exhibits they were so neat. It was a very interactive zoo. We rode the sky tram over the zoo exhibits. The train actually went through some of the exhibits. There was a boat ride that was way too hot to be on but still a neat experience. There was a show with reptiles and the coolest thing for the kids they got to feed giraffes. I took lots of pics of course I like zoos but have to say that most of the time I am like okay lets go, this time I was just going around like the kids saying "cool cool cool".

The thing about the zoo is it doesn't seem to be very widely advertised, I had really searched things before I found it. Thank goodness for the internet and the really cool find that led to a really fun time with the kids. Braden had not had a good day yesterday and needed something fun as did Brittney and we certainly had a fun away from clinic day.