Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Field Trip

I had the "fun" of going along with 30 kids ice skating today! Doesn't that sound like fun?

Brittney is in the gifted and talented education program and this was a field trip for them. I must say of this gifted and talented group....3 left their lunch boxes at school, 2 kept trying to lick the ice, and yet another couldnt figure out why the floor that he was skating on was so cold...hmmm gifted and talented indeed...LOL.

Braden tagged along too, and I have to say he did really good. Brittney got it in her head before going on the ice that she wouldn't like it and so she didn't....ugh I was so aggrivated with her. She did go around the rink one and half times. I tried prying her arms away from the wall only to get yelled out "No I dont want to bust my head open"...I was like I dont want that either but I want you to try. Braden surprised me he really liked it, my arm will be sore from trying to keep him up but he did pretty good.

I get to brag that I didn't fall...I am sure that wont hold true if we go again, but at least I stayed on my feet today. I will admit to a few close calls though and a few wobbly moments.