Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Today was one of those days look at me wrong and you risked me breaking down into tears. I hate those days. I miss my friends, sounds childish but I have really good friends.

We have a little group of moms that are pretty close. We may not talk to each of them everyday but we all have kids the same age and have had them in the same classes since PreK.

With these moms I can have a good cry and it's left at that. Matt hates to see me upset so he tries to fix it well you cant fix this sometimes I just need to be a stress case so to speak.

I have my phone ringers set on costum rings (I was bored one day) anyway my friends are all Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places" and sure enough to day when I was just having one of those moments here comes the ring. Thank goodness, I didnt cry and let it all at that time, because I wasnt in a place where I could do that. But even without saying it she knew and we talked and I felt better.

I am just really thankful for good friends. We tease each other and if you were around on some of our gab sessions you would wonder if we even liked each other with the insults traded, but I know that as we watch our kids grow together so will we, it feels good to know that I have them.