Monday, May 09, 2005

Jem and the Rockers

Does anyone remember the cartoon Jem and the Rockers? Well if you dont Jem had pink hair.

Last night as I looked in the mirror that was my only thought was "OMG I look like Jem".

There was a reason that the hairhighlight kit was on clearance. There was a reason it said do not use on blond hair. But I didnt care about those reasons I had wanted red highlights forever in my blond hair and hadnt been able to find a kit. Well maybe the reason is because the red on my blond hair turned PINK!

My son said it just looked a little silly. My doctor thought it was cool and looked like I drew with a pink marker in my hair.

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands (being in the hotel with the kids and hubby). I immediately washed my hair and it isnt quite so pink.....still looks a little off to me but hubby seems to like it and I dont feel quite like a punk rocker walking around.

It looks better if I apply gel in my hair too, if I dry it and leave it natural it looks a lot more pink. Oh well live and learn I am not meant to have red highlights, but hey it brought back the good ole days of remembering that Jem cartoon I used to watch!


Nobody special said...

Jem..she is outrageous..totally totally totally outrageous! haha

Thanks for the laugh. I'm sure you look cool! :)