Friday, May 13, 2005

Getting caught up in Kim and Ron's lives

I remember watching Pretty Woman and movies that were rated above a PG.

Those days seem to be gone. Especially since we are in this hotel room for 5 weeks. One TV...I have no idea what is happening on the Bachelor, or Dog the Bounty Hunter since I dont want the kids watching those shows.

Back to watching movies rated above a PG....To watch those I have to stay up later than the kids and I just cant seem to keep my eyes open. Poor Matt I am falling out on him even before the kids are asleep. So instead of grown up movies I get to watch under PG movies.

The sad thing is I really get into some of these movies.

Braden purchased Racing Stripes with his birthday money and I just really liked the movie.

Tonights movie choice...Kim Possible "So the Drama"...pretty sad that I am getting all hooked on if Ron and Kim are going to get together or not.