Tuesday, July 03, 2007


If your evening meal was interrupted with a shrill piercing squeal it was Britt. A while back on our way to Anne's for vacation we had stopped at a Libby Lu store where she entered a contest for Hannah Montana. She wasnt the grand prize winner or 1st place but was one of the 2nd place. And oh my you would have thought Hannah her self had shown up on our door instead of the autographed poster. She was also thrilled to see her name on the winners list on the site. So now we have printed the web site off, taken a picture of her with the poster, measured it for a frame, and have called our friends and she wrote about it on her blog. Yes just a tad excited here. We had forgot all about entering, didn't know what Fed Ex was delivery with Britt's name on it, but oh I think the whole neighborhood knows now!