Thursday, July 12, 2007

8 Things

Got this meme from Barn Goddess Since hubby and I are celebrating 12 years Sunday I thought I would go ahead and do this.

8 things about my husband and I.

1. When you put things on paper ot list specific things we have virtually nothing in common...He likes sci fi movies, and old movies, action movies, I like chick movies (that luckily he will sit through and enjoy too!), he likes hard Christian rock, I like country music.

2. Before he met me he had only been out of the state area, once. Now we have added about half the states, and another country to that! We love to travel. Whether it is a cruise, a road trip, or just a quick weekend outing.

3. When he met me he didn't have a credit card, and paid for everything up front, had no debt...(Let's just say I took care of that right off, debt, debt, debt..LOL)

4. He helps so much around the house, I haven't vacumned in years, he knew I hated it so he does it. He doesn't hesitate to start laundry, fold, whatever needs done.

5. We love to have family time, game nights playing board games with the kiddos, watching movies. We like to stay home and just have time together.

6. We met at 2:00 am in a hospital cafeteria.

7. He is so forgetful it drives me crazy and actually funny the first thing that made me fall in love with him was something he had remembered that I liked, now his memory drives me crazy at times...I guess he has gotten more forgetful with age...LOL

8. He doesn't tease me too much about the fact that I HATE to put gas in my car, if I know there is even a chance he will be driving it I will drive it 20 miles on the red light to get it home to him. If he doesn't end up driving it then I will just give the puppy face that I am out of gas and bless his heart he goes and fills it up and I just have to withstand a little teasing for it!


BarnGoddess said...

awww, your husband sounds like a great guy!

I HATE putting gas in my own car too, we are both lucky our guys do it for us :)

the vacuuming thing, I AM JEALOUS

Jennifer said...

Kelli...Love your list! What a great guy. Happy Early Anniversary!! Someday I want to hear the 2 a.m. hospital cafeteria story. :)