Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have been sick going into my second week now. I so don't want to go to the doctor. For one thing I can't pinpoint what is wrong, terrible terrible frontal headache (which is different from my migraines) and terrible mid to low back pain. But those are my only symptoms besides just feeling yucky. Oh and every few days I have these awful coughing fits but it only lasts a few hours and goes away. So see I know that no doc is going to take those symptoms and say oh yeah that is what you have. I have used the internet or Dr. Google as I like to think of it and found something about frontal sinus headaches cure all with no side effects and it didn't caution away if you have heart or blood pressure problems (which I do) so I ordered it and paid extra for fast shipping so it should be here tommorow...maybe it will work..the back pain not sure what it is as going to the chiropractor didn't help at all and he is so good he was like it really shouldnt be your back...so who knows...I am a mess with neither the time nor inclination to go to the doctor.

Now if it was Brae and he coughed wrong I would have taken him in, same with Britt but myself I hate going. Actually calling Brae's doc today to go over a few things.

We will be heading to Texas the end of next week. Going to turn it into a mini vacation before school starts back.

So I will take my aching body (doused with icy hot, and filled with Aleive) and run my never ending errands for the day.


dakotablueeyes said...

What! I have to come over and help Matt tie you up and throw you in the car and take you to the doctor? lol Just go already girl, you have to take care of yourself for your kids you know