Wednesday, July 25, 2007

8 things about me

I was tagged by Quack This

I have to list 8 facts/habits about themselves.

1) I cannot stand not to have a plan. I have to have one for the day, for the week ahead, I have to lay out the month. It doesn't have to stay perfect on plan but I have to at least have a basic layout. Vacations I am the same way as Anne can attest to!

2) My one spending indulgence is getting my hair straightened. I have it done using a procedure called Chi, I had read an article a long time ago about the actress Julian Moore and so I checked into it. I have very naturally curly hair, and I always wanted hair that would just lay flat against my head, now thanks to Chi I have had it for the past several years. I only have to do it every 6 to 8 months...depending on when it starts to drive me nuts.

3) I lay out my clothes the night before. It doesnt matter if I have absolutely nothing planned the next day I will still hang up my grungy tshirt and jean shorts behind the bathroom door.

4) I can't sleep in any jewelry, I take off my wedding rings, earings everything.

5) I can't keep a purse calendar all year. I use one every few months because I don't like them when they get lots of ink on them.

6) I guess this is a lucky thing since I have bad insomnia this week, I function well on very little sleep.

7) I love water, that is what I have to have first thing in the morning to get me woke up is a bottle of cold water or cup of ice water. I don't drink much besides water if I do I limit to one Dr. Pepper or one sweet tea a day.

8) When I was sixteen I let my cousin drive my car and he flipped it, I took the blame and never told my parents it wasn't me. I figured one way or the other I was going to get in trouble so I determined less trouble for going a little fast on new gravel than letting somone else drive my car. That same cousin got me in trouble more than once growing up.


a wandering heart said...

I have to take all my jewelry off before bed, too!

Thanks for entering my bracelet drawing!

dakotablueeyes said...

I can't take my rings off lol but other jewelry has to come off The rings I guess I am used to
yes i have to have a vacation plan, day plans I can play it by ear if I have to but vacation no have to have a plan

noname said...

Right there with ya on #s 4 and 6, lol. I say I like to plan, I say I must plan. I even go as far as TO plan. But things never go as I plan them. It's a waste for me really.

BarnGoddess said...

planning-something I wish my family did more of.

my husband can plan his work like a micro-manager BUT when hes not working, he is planless and it drives me nuts.

if you ever have a planning bookcamp, can I send my husband?