Thursday, July 05, 2007

He's just thinking of me

Brae hates cereal, mention it for breakfast and you get the "why?", he would rather eat just about anything else.

This morning I mentioned we were out of milk. Brae said "Hooray no cereal". I asked him why he didn't like cereal. His reply "Because I know you like to cook and take care of me and making cereal isn't taking care of me, so I know you really don't want to feed me cereal"...the logic of an 8 year old boy!


Shane said...

How sweet! I know you take such good care of both of them. I'm sure glad my boys don't feel that way. We LOVE cereal in our house. Fruity Pebbles is a favorite...not very nutricious, but yummy!

Jennifer said...

Love this story! Sounds exactly like the logic of one of mine! :) (Although most of my family would eat cereal three meals a day if I'd let them. *rolling eyes* ;-))