Friday, July 06, 2007

All about astronomy

We started our school year about 2 weeks ago. Since we do year around school, during the summer only 3 days a week. The kids both have a clear favorite subject this year. It is Apologia science, Astronomy. We did our first project today, of course had to have a hitch (or it wouldnt have been our project) we were missing a part so the company has been called and maybe they will send it to us so we can do it again, but the kids had so much fun. They are loving this science course I am so glad I changed it from last years (which was so dry and boring). Here is our Planetarium....the kids can't wait till it is night so they can put the start guide over the sun and have all the constellations on the ceiling.


Shane said...

You're to be commended! I couldn't do it..homeschool. I just wouldn't have the patience. Great project by the way.