Sunday, July 29, 2007

Second Thoughts

They were doing a stuff the bus fundraiser in town this weekend. Asking for donations of school supplies. I told the kids it was for kids who might not be able to get school supplies. We decided they would each pick out a couple of dollars worth of school supplies to donate. They had a great time picking things out. They were so proud carrying their bag up to the lady.

We were walking back to the car from donating, and I was asking the kids if they felt good about helping someone. They both said yes. I said because of you guys kids will be able to do their homework. Braden looked at me and said "I felt good till I thought about it being my fault kids will have to do homework".


TxMomof2Girls said...

LOL, I love Britt's comment! It was really nice of them to donate like that and wonderful of you to be instilling such values and caring in them.

Also, tell Britt that it's the teachers fault the kids will be doing homework, not his, LOL

BarnGoddess said...

haha Braden is too funny!