Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday - Keeping the car clean

Works for Me Wednesday at Shannons

We are on the go so much it doesnt take long to have the cars looking pretty rough.

Quick things for when I am waiting in line for food, or at the bank:
I keep several plastic grocery sacks in the car I can easily grab one out and gather all the trash while I am waiting then simply tie the bag and first trash can I pass I throw it in.
I keep a package of windex wipes under the seat, I can wipe off finger prints and then wipe down the dash, etc as well. If I don't have windex or if by some miracle there are no fingerprints on the window I just grab out a pack of baby wipes to wipe of the dash and cup holders, etc. Another alternative is to keep a swifter in your car and run it over the dash, but most of the time I also have sticky stuff to wipe off too so the swifter doesn't work as well for me.
A small lint brush kept in the car helps for getting things off the seats, carpet, etc.
If I do the above why I am in the car waiting anyway it saves time later.


Proverbs31 said...

I love this! And my mom will love that you told me this. ;) She, *ahem*, gets a little grossed out by my car from time to time. A clean car is a hard thing with three kids!! =)

Thanks for this tip.

Heather/SHTEZQ said...

my is Horible but i try th trash thing as much a often as i can did not think of the windex!

Jody said...

Oh those are some good ideas. It's hard to keep ours clean since we only have one vehicle so we have to share and hard when he works afternoons LOL.