Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Heavy conversations

Britt went with me to and from the airport taking my friend and her girls. It is a 2 hour drive and we had lots of talking time. Some of our heavy conversations: About war; army; politics (seriously she brought up politics wanting to know more about what Republicans and Democrats believe...sheesh she thinks about more than I did at her age); about Jesus and being saved and having him live with you in your heart versus being saved; about alcholism; about modesty and the really heavy things like: Why did Shaggy (Scooby Doo) paint the Mystery Machine those colors, How is gum made, do I think that Webkins are cool, and on and on.

As you can tell a whole range of topics were discussed.

It was actually nice her and I time, but her subject jumping was like okay what is she going to bring up next.


dakotablueeyes said...

lol did she boggle your mind. Kaylie brought up church this morning. She asked why we don't go Bruce said its hard for him when he works nights and I said its hard cause you two like to talk and won't sit still for very long. She said then asked if we believe we said yes. She said she did too. Might read this childrens bible we have and try church sometime just to see how she does.

kel said...

I would definetly find one with a good children's church...my kids love that...they don't sit in main sancutary very often. They can and I make sure they know to behave, etc. but they get so much more from children's church and enjoy it alot.