Friday, May 11, 2007

Big changes ahead...

I think we have finally reached a firm decision, maybe, I think, is that for a decision?

Seriously though after lots of though, prayer, planning I think hubby and I both know we need to be closer to a big city. Lots of reasons one of being that we want to be able to be on an organic lifestyle and it is very hard to find affordable choices when you live in a small town and dont want to drive 2 hours to the nearest affordable health food store. Other reasons include homeschool activities more in abundance and about a 100 other reasons.

This wont be immediately but I do see us starting to lay the foundation for this. We have it narrowed to 2 areas one about 5 hours away the other 2 from where we are now. Since we both have parents that aren't in the best of health we have to be able to come back quickly. Just the fact that we have decided to start the process is a relief for me, we are doing some debt reduction first, we are undecided about when to put our house on the market. We have a unique situation where we have a family member who has a very nice home but only lives in it one weekend a month because of her job. So basically we could stay there if we sold our house quicker than we intended to, but I am sure that we could not live there long, because of it being close to some situations I don't want involved in.

How exciting and scary to be making such a big change....I am sure I will ramble about it a lot more as this process continues.


Shane said...

Wow, that is a BIG decision. Congrats for making I know. I know how extremely hard it was. When we moved from our small town in WV to where we are now in SC (5 hours south) it was huge. Not to say I don't get homesick occassionally but I'm so glad we made the move. The boys are getting a much better education! It was definetely the right move for us. Good luck and I can't wait to hear more.

dakotablueeyes said...

wow, big decision. I would say when you found a house you like in the area you want to be in then put yours on the market. or if you want to have yours sold first then do it the other way and live at your relatives house until you find a house you like

BarnGoddess said...

that is a BIG decision! but one I think you'll be happy about.

Your reasons are very good ones. ID be hard pressed to find any organic foods where I live. I have to order all of Wee's gluten free foods from Adkins and they ship it. I also order some non-dairy things like almond milks.

Tulsa is only an hour and a half away but geesh,I hate the drive and traffic.

I hope your goal of debt reduction comes ASAP. When we got serious and paid off most of our debts, Hubs and I felt a HUGE relief.