Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Beating kids boredom

We have a box of 3 x 5 cards. Probably 50 cards in the box. This is the "I'm bored" box or the "I'm done with my school and my sibling isn't" box.
Each card has something writing on it. Examples: Play board game, play Lego's, make a matchbox city, do a craft with pipe cleaners and Popsicle sticks, read a book, make up a silly code and write a message, put together a puzzle....ideas are endless.
It makes it easier to have them written down. I give them out different ways, sometimes pick 6 and put them face down on the table for them to choose one (this way I know what activities I want to take place as some are messy, some are not, etc.) Sometimes I just say grab the first one, other times they look through and pick out of all of them. I am constantly adding ideas to the box, and little things add up to big fun on the cards as well.
Somehow having it come from the cards, and not just me saying go do this or that makes all the difference!


dakotablueeyes said...

I so have to do this

Lorie said...

What a neat idea!

Krissy said...

What a fantastic idea!! I was wondering how I'm going to handle this summer with all 3 kids at home and me working from home - I know they will get bored and this will be just the thing. Thank you SO MUCH! :)

sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Ho.Ly.Cow! I can't wait to try this! This is the last week of school for three of my four kids (yeeakk!!) Breaking out the cards now... Great tip!