Thursday, May 17, 2007

Decisions decisions

Looking more and more into moving, even though we know it wont be for quite sometime. We know we need to be closer to a big city, but boy oh boy my same house that I am in now is a whole lot more closer to a big city, and if/when we move I want to go up a little so going to be definetly working on debt reduction harder than we have been. We have been doing pretty good, but gotta get it more.

I am still sad about my pets but trying to look at in a positive, I knew we had too many, and the cat hair was everywhere which I don't think was great for Brae's allergies. Anyway we are going to dote more on the two remaining dogs.

Tommorow night we are having family date night already have the tickets for Shrek the Third! The kids had to do a hangman word game to figure out where we were going. Britt did good with it and then let her brother in on the secret.

Been a pretty low key week, I still have lots of work to get caught up on but just havent gotten that motivated yet.


dakotablueeyes said...

Be sure to post about the movie my kids are wanting to see it so let me know if its a movie theater go or a wait til video go lol

BarnGoddess said...

awww, sorry about your cats :(

I hope you had a good date night!