Saturday, May 19, 2007

No such thing

The plan....stay home all day have a nice productive laid back Saturday, clean out the garage, do some organizing etcetera...but in reality at our house does not seem to be such a thing as a laid back Saturday.

Eat breakfast, do a few in house things and we head outside. The kids ride their bikes etcetera. The kids get out the sidewalk chalk Brittney is laying down drawing when a stray cat comes up. It actually belonged to a neighbor whose cat had kittens she let the kittens run wild and then sold her house and moved leaving the wild cats. Well anyway cat gets up really close to Brittney and she goes to push it bite her! Broke the skin...ugh. So we had to make a trip to pro med, cleaned out, she was up to date on her immunizations, and then got on an antibiotic. Called animal control because since now the cat has bite they have to pick it up. So hopefully soon it will be gone.

Britt's arm doesn't look bad at all, I just didnt want to take any chances.

So now we are back home and going to try to get things accomplished the rest of the day!


dakotablueeyes said...

oh my that's a mean cat. I wouldn't take any chances either.
I made your walk tag its posted on my blog

BarnGoddess said...

how awful for Brit!

nasty cat...

nasty neigbor lady who abandoned them...