Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tired and Blah

The title sums up my day.

I am tired.

I have the Blahs.

Nothing specific. It is a emotional week so that leads to being tired.

I did bible school this morning. Thank goodness my friend is helping me in the class or I would be adding bald too the title because I would have ripped all my hair out. Some kids just try my patience more than others.

McDonalds playland was the place of choice after bible school. The conversation was good with two friends. The kids all had fun, yet it did nothing but make me sleepier.

Tommorow I plan to run some fun errands with the kids after church so maybe that will perk me up. Hubby is going to run Braden to speech tonight so I don't have to get out again this evening and that sounds good to me as well. Early to bed sounds good, but of course that also means I probably won't sleep all night...ugh...vicious cycle.


BarnGoddess said...

I hope you get some rest tonite. Have a good stiff drink like me, Im hoping it helps!~