Friday, June 30, 2006

Sorta Of

I have said before my SIL is is yet another example.

SIL: Kelli could you come over and clean my house I think I broke my foot.
ME: Did you go to the doctor?
SIL: Yes they said it was sort of broken and to stay off of it for 6 weeks, but they didn't cast it or anything. I bought me some crutches and I am suppose to not do anything for 6 weeks.
ME: So your foot is broken?
SIL: Sort of broken.

Oh yes having a conversation with her is so fun. Needless to say I am much to busy to go clean that pigsty that her and my BIL call a house. Eeek I would be scared to even attempt it. So now SIL will be whining for weeks, also needless to say there is no doctors report, or anything to substantiate this "visit" to the doctor wherein he said her foot was "sort of broken".

Par for the course with crazy SIL. And when I say crazy I don't mean "sort of" I mean full blown!


dakotablueeyes said...

sorta broke. Hmmmm

BarnGoddess said...

she is crazy! Im glad your not cleaning her house. No such thing as a 'sort of broken foot'. Geesh, I did work comp insurance for many years for the world's largest retailer and I have NEVER heard of a 'sort of broken anything' diagnosis from a legitimate doctor....

I signed legal docs saying I wouldnt talk about my prior employment for confidental reasons...but Im sure you know which 'retailer' Im talking about.