Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Definetly daddy's girl

I am taking a break from my deep cleaning of my daughter's room.

Is she ever her daddy's girl...she is such a PACK RAT!

It is unbelievable the stuff she has stuff here and there and saved. Ugh....Matt is a pack rat as well so I should have known one of them would be.

Braden likes to keep his stuff, not sell it at yard sales, etc. Brittney however keeps every scrap of paper she writes on, every sticker, etc....I have carried two black trash bags out of her room so far...and I am not done. I am hoping she is also like her dad in the fact that he keeps so much he doesn't notice when I do clean it out when he is away.

Back to the rat's nest....


Brighton said...

I have one of those daughter's too, I have found that if I clean her room she doesn't even notice whats missing.

dakotablueeyes said...

oh yes Kaylie too. She keeps the tiniest pieces of paper just cause. I hate cleaning her desk and nightstand cause its full of it